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Top 5 Issues that Discourage Buyers

  1. Odors: House odors are number one on the not-to do-list. Smoke, pets and mildew can all send a potential buter on to the next house. Eradicate the odors so that you can present buyers with a clean, fresh atmosphere.
  2. A House Full of Busy Wallpaper: Busy wallpaper in every room turns off most buyers, and even people who love wallpaper rarely like what you've chosen.Take a hard look at your wallpaper and decide if it should be removed and replaced with paint. Don't paint over it.
  3. Damp Basements: Any dampness (or damp smells) in the basement throw up a red flag to buyers that the basement leaks! Even if it doesn't truly leak. Look for drainage issues. Most problems are caused by rainwater that's being diverted towards the foundation instead of away from it.
  4. Bugs: Roaches, spiders, any type of insect that shouldn't be in the house. Get rid of them.
  5. Poor Curb Appeal: Buyers often refuse to go into a house with an unkempt yard, sagging doors or peeling paint.

Most of these problems are issues you can correct without spending a lot of money. Do it now, before you put the house on the market to make the most of every selling opportunity.

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