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Five Things to Consider as You Prepare to Sell Your Home

1. Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

Before you decide to sell the house, get pre-approved by a lender you trust. This makes moving once the house sells much easier. If you don't know a lender then I can recommend one to you.

2. Check Your Mortgage Payoff

Call your lender to check the payoff for your current home mortgage.

3. Determine How Much the House Is Worth

Determine your home's fair market value. I will help you determine the value of your property as a courtesy by doing a CMA.

4. Estimate Your Costs to Sell and Acquire a New Home

I deal with transactions every day and can give you a very close estimate of seller closing costs. Be sure to total your costs to acquire a new home: moving expenses, loan costs, downpayment, home inspections, title work and policy, paying for a new hazard insurance policy. Your lender should give you a disclosure of estimated costs when you apply for pre-approval.

5. Make Necessary Repairs and Cosmetic Changes

Make all needed repairs unless you want the house to be regarded as a fixer-upper. A new coat of paint will go a long way in helping to increase the appeal of your house. Make list of changes that you can make to maximize the value of your home and estimate the costs involved.

By estimating your expenses and preparing yourself financially for a move early, you have a better grasp of your real needs and can avoid mistakes and problems.

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